Mera Cosmetics

Mera Pharma offers a wide range of specially formulate skin care products from sun blocks, antiaging care, whitening products, acne and hydration care. We provide both prevention and proper skin care. Each of the specialist products provides effective care for skin type presenting different dermatological condition.
Highly effective and complete product lines, each designed for a particular skin problem. Proven safety and efficacy guaranteed by multi-level studies.

Health of our people
is wealth of our nation

It’s through our passion and commitment to our people
that we discover, develop, and deliver the most innovative,
economically viable, and quality products
to enrich their quality of life.


This line of product consists of the syrups in which each of them is designed to treat a particular condition. This category consists of natural preparations to provide relief of wet and dry cough and antacids for fast effective relief from the pain of heartburn and acid indigestion caused by any etiology.

Medical Device

Mera designs and manufactures medical devices which are CE marked of class I, II, III. This line consists of a wide range of products with ingredients of the highest quality and purity which are designed to fulfil various needs.

Joint Health

Joint health is an innovative product line developed for effective and natural help for improving the conditions of joint. A carefully selected set of ingredients of this range is intended to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis and maintaining a healthy and flexible joints.

Mera Food Supplements

Mera is a professional brand of modern solutions in the category of Food supplements. The food supplement line consists of a wide range of products which are designed to fulfil various needs for children, nursing mothers, pregnant women, elderly, athletics and young people.
An unbalanced diet, special circumstances and illnesses can lead to deficiencies of certain nutrients. Therefore, we make sure to provide high quality, unique composition and precisely selected doses of food supplements to supply your body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.